Fiduciary Services

Trust Administration

The role of trustee and the fiduciary relationship created by that role require the highest level of care. Attorney Jill Rynkowski Doyle works with trustees and co-trustees who need assistance understanding and meeting their fiduciary responsibilities in managing the administration of a trust. Her extensive background in financial services and the law provide her with an uncommon perspective on the nuanced care and focus needed to navigate inherently complex family dynamics. She is highly skilled at addressing beneficiary needs within the framework of proper and precise trust administration.

Trustee Duties

A trustee has significant fiduciary duties, which include:

  • Being prudent
  • Carrying out the terms of the trust
  • Being loyal to the beneficiaries
  • Giving personal attention to trust matters
  • Administering the trust promptly and efficiently
  • Keeping precise records
  • Accounting to the beneficiaries
  • Keeping income separate from principal

Failure to understand and follow these and other responsibilities properly can place a trustee in a complex legal predicament.

Additional information is available on the fiduciary services FAQ page.

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